Since its establisment in 2001, XacBank has grown steadily in the banking and financial sector of Mongolia, and has become one of the largest systemic banks.

XacBank’s vision is to become a preferred bank for a wide range of customers in the
financial market providing financial solutions in the most convenient way.

XacBank’s leadership:
o An undisputed leader in corporate social responsibility and good corporate
governance in Mongolia;
o Leading bank in terms of long-standing quality of loan portfolio;
o Leader in corporate governance, transparency and risk management;
o The first carbon trading “Green Bank” in the northern hemisphere;
o Implementor of international best practices, community projects and advanced
technologies in banking;
o Fastest growing local bank with full national coverage;
o Partner with over 50 international organizations;
o Provider of responsive, complete and flexible business banking solutions.


XacBank provides a variety of banking products and services to over 650,000 clients through 84 branches operating across the country. The Bank has successfully maintained its market share of loans, savings and deposits, remittances and electronic banking services.


  • International Commercial Center /ICC/, Jamiyan Gun street-9, Post office No.20A, P.O.Box-72, Ulaanbaatar-14210, Mongolia

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  • Telephone: 11-75771888 (188)
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.