Green Chemistry

Safe chemistry is our future

  • We ensure product quality and performance guaranty and make every effort to provide the best service with new technology to the customers considering their demand.
  • Our aim is to establish products of green chemistry and introduce the proper usage of chemical substance and new technology. We perform our operation in compliance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.


We import chemical, laboratory equipment, and furniture and subsidiary instruments and provide supplying, trading and consulting services.

Main products/services:

  • Import and supply chemical substances
  • Supply various types of laboratory equipment and tools
  • Manufacture and trade laboratory furniture
  • Supply personal protection equipment
  • Supply laboratory containers and other items
  • “Establish and maintain proper usage of chemical substance and ensure environmental safety” Green Chemistry training center


  • Green Chemistry building

    Enkh Uud center | 5 khoroo | Bayanzurkh district |

    Ulaanbaatar city | Mongolia

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  • Telephone: +976-99855506; +976-89165401
  • Fax: +976-70153199
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