“One Day of the World" Exhibition

On 22 December 2019, Artist N.Sergelen along with his students held an opening ceremony for the biggest Mongolian Painting, that is described to have 21m long and 2.5m wide, encompassing a total area of 52.5m2. 

Mr. N.Sergelen stated: To make a long story short, the idea of this painting came along in 1998. We had to do a lot of research beforehand. And finally, here we stand after 12 years of hard work with my student painters S.Ganzam, N.Khosbayar, Sh.Sainzul My friend Erkhembayar and peers from the art gallery have brought great contributions to motivate and support me throughout this period. "One Day of the World" shows different continents and countries of the world with a variety of lifestyles, animals, plants, natural wonders, innate traditions and cultures of different nations - over five thousand different items are embedded into the painting." 

Mr. Byambasaikhan, Chairman of BCM noted: "I know that Mr. Sergelen has been working enormously hard on this project for many years. It is important to support our culture and artists, and it is essential to introduce Mongolia's unique artworks to the world to promote our country and attract foreign investment and foreign investments into our country. BCM is proudly co-hosting the opening ceremony of the masterpiece "One Day of the World" that combines the ancient style of Mongolian Painting together with illustration of science and theory."

Chairman of BCM, Mr. Byambasaikhan presented “Honor of Achievement Certificate” to Mr N.Sergelen and his students in recognition of inaugurating the XXI Century Mongolian Art masterpiece.



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