Global Welding

Company vision

Our company vision is to be the best company in Mongolia to supply needs of  Welding, Safety and Lifting Equipment, along with supply our products in Mining, Oil and Steel Fabrication Industry.

Company mission

Supplying the products on time for customers, providing workers by safe and secure workplace where they develop themself, we constantly increase the shareholders profit.

Company Values

Every time, we prefer the following “Values” in our operation.

  • Safety operation
  • To deliver the products on time
  • Reliability
  • Ability to compete

Item 1:1 Global Welding Mongolia LLC – Company Background

Global Welding Mongolia LLC (GWM) has been established in Mongolia since May, 2010 and is a company which is 51% Mongolian owned, with the other interest being Global Welding Supplies Pty Ltd, Australia.

The company operates two warehouses within Mongolia being in Ulaanbaatar and Khanbogd and has contracts in place at the present time with companies such as:

1.Oyu Tolgoi LLC – PPE and Safety Supplies

  • Welding Machines and Consumables
  • Cutting Machines and Consumables 
  • Lifting Chains and Slings
  • Hand Tools 
  • Industrial Paints
  • Electrical Items
  • General Engineering Items
  • 2.Energy Resources LLC - PPE and Safety SuppliesWelding and Cutting Consumables
  • General Engineering and Hand Tools

3. Transwest LLC- PPE and Safety Supplies

  • Welding and Cutting Consumables
  • General Engineering and Hand Tools

4. MCS Property and -PPE and Safety Supplies

Item 2. 1 Current Business Scale

Since Incorporation in 2010, the company has seen reasonable growth through the years, with recent Annual Sales Figures of :

  • Jan – Dec 2016 3,360,259,740  MNT      ($1.4 Million USD)
  • Jan – Dec 2017 8,362,345,164  MNT      ($3.5 Million USD)
  • Jan – Dec 2018 12,176,042,384  MNT      ($4.6 Million USD)

Growth has been attributed to the main areas of concentrations for the business of:

  • Mining Industry
  • Construction and Fabrication Industry
  • Mining Industry Support Companies
  • General Industrial Trade

Item 2:2 Business History and Growth

The strength of our business is experience and product knowledge, with our Mongolian Country Manager having 30 years experience in the construction industry and our national staff having a minimum 6 Years experience each, within the company.

The growth of the company is directly attributed to the ethos, which the company operates under.  The ethos of the company is basic:

  1. To provide the customer with competitive pricing at all times
  2. To Provide the customer with a quality item
  3. To hold in stock, as much as possible, enough stock to suit the customer’s requirements.
  4. To provide a quick and efficient delivery service

Item 3:1 Warehouse Facilities and Stock Holdings

As previously mentioned, the company has two warehouses located at :

  1. Ulaanbaatar – Magnus Capital Complex, Bayangol District.

      1300 square metres with office

  1. Khanbogd -No 5 Industrial Street, 1 Gaviluud

 650 square metres

Daily deliveries to customers can be arranged out of both locations.  These warehouses hold in excess of MNT 3,392,945,074  ($1.3 Million USD) of stock, which is mostly on contract  with companies or specialised items.

The company is willing to expand the number of items held in stock and increase inventory, where necessary.

Both warehouses are well stocked and with regular import shipments arriving each month, we can provide fast service to all our customers.

Special stocking arrangements for specific items can be put in place if requested by customers.


Item 3:2 Distributor and Partner Agreements

The company has long established Distributor and Partner Agreements in place as a result of the association with our parent company in Australia, Global Welding Supplies. Being one of the largest suppliers in Australia of equipment and consumables to the mining and construction industry, Global Welding Supplies enjoy generous discounts on goods and these discounts are passed onto their customers.  Global Welding Mongolia benefit from these discounts and can pass them onto their customers as well. 

Distributor Agreements in place with Global Welding Mongolia LLC:

  1. a) MSA Australia Ltd
  2. b) Elliott Australia
  3. c) Honeywell Safety Australia
  4. d) CIGWELD
  5. e) ESAB Electric
  6. f) Kempii Australia
  7. g) UVEX Australia
  8. h) Uneedit Australia
  9. i) Blackwoods - Australia
  10. j) Atom Supplies – Australia
  11. k) Grainger – USA
  12. l) Sutton Tools
  13. m) Allrig Lifting Equipment
  14. n) Australian Welding Supplies
  15. o) Endura ( Phoenix ) Paints
  16. p) Bradey Electrical

These worldwide manufactures provide quality equipment and tools at competitive pricing. GWM is a proud supplier of these high quality industrial goods.

We proudly supply a diverse range of high quality industrial products.

Item 3:3 Inventory Management System

Global Welding Mongolia has an Inventory Management Software Programme call Exonet, which uses a min/max function to ensure appropriate stock levels are on hand at any given time.  These min/max numbers are based on historical data and can also be adjusted to suit customer requirements.

Item 4:1 Health, Safety and Environmental Overview

Global Welding Mongolia is committed to the highest standard of Safety, Health and Environmental issues.  The company mirrors closely Oyu Tolgoi’s HSE policies with the result of no lost time accident or MTI’s since 2010. The parent Company holds Occupational, Health and Safety Certification AS/NZ 4801:2001

Item 5:1 Supply Scope Specific Experience to Oyu Tolgoi

Global Welding Mongolia LLC (GWM) has been supplying since 2010 quite a range of Equipment and Consumables to Oyu Tolgoi. These Items are, but not limited to:

  • Safety Equipment and PPE
  • Welding Equipment and Consumables.
  • Cutting Equipment and Consumables
  • Engineering Tools and Hand Tools
  • Lifting Slings and Chains, along with associated products
  • Paint and Painting Equipment
  • Electrical Items and Tapes etc
  • Janitorial Supplies and other.

We have been successful in securing two Contracts with Oyu Tolgoi for the supply of Items. These Contracts are:

  • Contract # CW2103605 – Supply of Safety Products – This contract has been in place since 2016 and ended on the 30 September 2019.
  • Contract # CW2114079 – Supply of Welding and Hand Tools Contract – This Contract has been in place since 2017 and is still Current

There is approximately 950 Line Items supplied on these two contracts and our DIFOT for the last Quarter November – January 2019, had an average of 91.85%

Item 6:1 Supply Scope Experience to other Mongolian Companies.

Global Welding Mongolia LLC have a base of over 100 Customers who we supply a wide range of items to. We have built this Customer base over 9 Years of operating in Mongolia and have become well respected for our product knowledge and assistance to Customers on item selection. We continue to build this base with every opportunity that arises. Some of our main Customers are listed below:

  • Thiess Mongolia LLC
  • Transwest Mongolia LLC
  • MCS Property LLC
  • Energy Resources LLC
  • Major Drilling LLC
  • GCR Mongolia LLC
  • South Gobi Sands LLC
  • Bayan Airag Exploration LLC
  • Wagner Asia Equipment LLC
  • Zamine Services LLC
  • Murray Mining Services LLC
  • FLSmidth Mongolia LLC
  • New Zealand Mining Systems LLC
  • Epiroc Mongolia LLC


Supply Welding and Mining Consumables


  • Global Welding Mongolia LLC

    Magnus Capital Complex,

    36 Engels Street, 1st khoroo,

    Bayangol District, Ulaanbaatar 17032,

    P.O-36, BOX -380, Mongolia


  • Telephone: +976) 70126858
  • Fax: (+976) 70126860
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.