Business Council of Mongolia


The Purpose of the Business Council of Mongolia (BCM) is to deliver value for the public, the members, and the employees by advocating economic freedom and property rights provided by the Constitution of Mongolia and protecting, and promoting common lawful interests of members for a fair, stable, and internationally competitive business environment.


Platinum member

  • Special Business Tours, BCM Special events, BCM Executives Club
  • Tailored messages to Ex2Ex
  • Member to Member Offer, Paid Promotion
  • Working group meetings, Policy and advocacy efforts

Premier member

  • Training priority and preferential treatment
  • Policy and Advocacy efforts
  • Member to Member Offer, Paid Promotion
  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions, Monthly meetings

Emerging member

  • Training
  • Develop economic policy recommendations
  • Promote sector policy recommendations
  • Member to Member Offer, Paid Promotion

Individuals, NGO and partners

  • Business research
  • Working group meetings
  • Basic Promotion
  • Networking events


Start-Up companies

  • Up-to-date policy
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Networking events
  • Other services - Business promotion

Membership Discount Policy

  • Companies with at least 3 years of membership shall have a 5% discount in any category.
  • Companies with at least 5 years of membership shall have a 15% discount in any category.