Chair: Armando TORRES, CEO of Oyu Tolgoi LLC
Vice Chair: Purevjav GANKHUU, CEO of Erdenes Mongolia LLC
Non-Board Vice-Chair: Sam SPRING, President & CEO of Kincora Copper Ltd

Overview of primary objective and responsibilities

The Resources and Environment Working Group (WG) primary objectives are to develop materials and conduct events that ultimately improve the business environment for existing BCM member companies. This will lead the development of mining sector of Mongolia and make the industry successful and competitive as the engine of the country’s social and economic development.

Leadership of the WG

Chairman: Armando Torres, CEO of Oyu Tolgoi LLC

Vice Chairman: Gankhuu Purevjav, CEO of Erdenes Mongolia LLC

Non-Board Vice-Chair: Sam SPRING, President & CEO of Kincora Copper Ltd

The WG chairman will work closely with the BCM Chairman and Vice-Chairman to ensure WG outputs will be effectively coordinated / integrated into the BCM work program.

The WG will provide inputs to the BCM Exco and BCM secretariat to assist with: 

  • Formal advocacy
  • Political engagement
  • Partnership engagement
  • Public education and media engagement

The WG Chairman is specifically responsible for:

  1. Highlighting “target areas” to improve sector competitiveness and attractiveness to investors.
  2. Prepare an annual “work program”.
  3. Execute “work program” tasks + present recommendations to BoD for “advocacy action”.
  4. Respond to critical but unplanned developments impacting sector.
  5. Deliver monthly progress report.
  6. Support Exco advocacy actions.
  7. Grow sector membership and WG credibility/professionalism.
  8. Support innovation, technical renovation, research and development (R&D), Industry 4.0 activities.
  9. Promote CO2 reduction, clean technology.
  1. Support the development of a responsible mining in Mongolia
  2. Increase public and stakeholders awareness about mining industry
  3. Promote partnership platforms including PPP for creating a competitive environment for the industry in Mongolia
  • Focus on top priorities of the industry
  • Have an integrated and collaborative approach for a few selected activities in a consistent manner
  • Ensure of multiple effects of activities through transparent and broader outreach
  1. Regular dialogues under the theme “Responsible Mining in Mongolia”
  • Organize events/dialogues for sharing best practices in key areas such as Safety, Health, Environment, Technology, Community and Regional Development, Workforce development and Economic and Social Contribution.
  • In the dialogues, involve new generation – youth groups and students at universities- to empower and build their awareness about the industry
  • Broadcast the dialogues through key media channels (both traditional and social media) for broader outreach in the society.

  1. Support the development of a competitive environment to attract more investors to Mongolia.
  • Major Forums (Discovery Mongolia and Mongolia Economic Forum)
  • Support interfaces between international investors and Mongolia (Mongolia delegations traveling overseas or bring experts or foreign regulators for sessions with Mongolian leaders).


  1. Organize policy dialogues through the existing platforms and partnerships
  • Bi-monthly dialogue with the Minister, MPRAM and other line ministries 
  • Annual meeting with the Parliament: respective standing committees and technical teams
  • Annual investors and multi stakeholder event such as Discover Mongolia
  • Bi annual forum with other business and industry associations