Golomt Bank


Golomt bank has been founded in 1995 as one of the first commercial banks in Mongolia.
Since its establishment, the bank has made numerous pioneer initiatives in the Mongolian banking sector such as the first international payment card system, internet banking, 24-hour banking service, Western Union service, Dual currency card, UnionPay Yuan card, the world-famous American Express®Goldcard, the American Express®Greencard, mobile ATMs, the smartphone-based banking application, Smart Bank and the most innovative product, SocialPay. Golomt Bank went further to create an exceptional digital banking experience on the premiere digital channel for customers, full with personalization tools, AI ML based services and digital only products and services.

The bank operates with a well-balanced presence in all three market segments: Corporate, SME, and Retail. Golomt bank has successfully accomplished the position as a well-recognized brand in Mongolia through the accomplishments and culture over the past few decades.

Golomt bank is the largest urban-retail bank, with around 800,000 clients and 100 branches and serving points, serving majority of the urban working population in Mongolia. It is the market leader in credit cards with revolutionizing new “ZES” card while successfully capturing 75% of the market within the first year of launch in 2017. Moreover, the bank serves nearly 80% of the corporate market and leading the local SME development initiatives.
Having long-standing relations with about 100 financial institutions in 30 countries and
facilitating almost half of all SWIFT transactions in Mongolia in 15 major currencies, Golomt
bank has the broadest network connection.

As its vision is to become Mongolia’s global benchmark bank, the bank gives much importance in the implementation of best practices and know-hows by collaborating with multiple international organizations and heavily invest in our employees’ professional development through various trainings and activities.


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  • Telephone: 7011 1646, 1800 1646
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